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The 6 key elements to build a quality website:

#1 Research: Before you even start designing your site, it's important to see what your competition is doing. Also, the keywords and search terms should be checked to see where you want your site to show up in the search engines. It's impossible to show up for every search term, so if the research is properly handled, then you are setting a good foundation for success.

#2 Design: This is making a blueprint of what you want your site's layout to look like. This is an extremely important step because if the design is poor, then it will effect your website's programming and hurt your chances of getting the results you want. Also, this can reduce the optimization of your website.

#3 Graphics: Your website will most likely require some sort of graphics or pictures to showcase your product or service. If you have all the photos you need for your site, then this can be a quick step in the process. Otherwise, it might take some time to build the graphic designs.

#4 Programming: This is when your website starts to take shape. There are a few different programming languages, so make sure you are having theright foundation being laid out for your website. I can help figure out which is best for your application.

#5 Body & Text: This is the meat and potato's of your website. It should be worded to attract your prospects and grab their attention. It must be informative yet simple because internet shoppers have an extremely short attention span. The faster you can get them to the ultimate goal you have set for your site the better. (i.e. selling your products or service)

#6 Optimization: This is the best way to get a free billboard for your company on the information super highway. This must also be monitored to maintain your page rank and keep your company in front of your customers.