Do you really need a Mobile Website?

        This is an important question you should ask before you invest the time and money on one. Many viewers using their phone get frustrated at the limited amount of information available. So rather than making a seperate mobile website, we can build you a next generation website that is optimized enough for a mobile device and even offer special features which you can have added to your site specifically for your mobile viewers.

        Below is an example of a program we designed that can transform parts of your regular website and enhance it for your mobile viewers. Notice how the website was able to determine that the user was on a mobile device, which adds a unique "Call Now" button allowing the user to contact you with the simple touch of a button. And with the number of mobile users increasing every day, the need to stay one step ahead of your competition is more important than ever.

The first picture is how the website looks from a PC.

Call Button

The second picture is how the website looks from a mobile device.

Call Button

        So how can we do this? Well, it's a combination of things we have learned throught the years. It includes maximizing the website code to decrease the loading time and scaling every image on the site as well as changing file types if necessary A good analogy is how car manufactures maximize the fuel economy of their engines, yet still manage to produce more horsepower. Click here to visit the website.