Why choose Merrillville Website Design over the Competition?

        We started building websites in 2003 and through the years, there have been a vast number of changes to the way sites are built as well as how browser's translate the information. In fact, a website can look completely different in a browser such as "Internet Explorer" when compared to "FireFox" or "Google Chrome".

        We take pride in every website we design and can even build them to comply with the W3C standards, which helps to give you the piece of mind knowing that your website is compliant and can be viewed by all major browsers. As a business owner, I'm sure you realize that simply having a website in today's market is no longer acceptable. What was once 'Word of Mouth', has now become highly visable websites that stand out from the rest. You might only get 1 shot to get a visitor's attention, so make it count! Here are just a few questions we will ask prior to developing your website.

How are our websites better than the rest?

What we include in every website we design

        Since we track the performance of every website we design, we can often identify fluctuations and trends on one site, which we can utilize to update all our websites to help keep you ahead of the always changing search engines as well as web browsers.