We now also provide Virtual Menu's for Restaurants

        In addition to websites, we also now design Virtual Menu's for restaurants. We can provide a computer, flat screen monitor, keyboard & mouse and even take all the pictures if necessary. We set up our first unit at the Simon Sez in Merrillville Indiana and hope to learn more about their clientelle and continue to make improvements.

     We placed a computer pre-loaded with pictures and descriptions of their entire menu on the counter so their customers can see examples of the items before they order. Below are a couple screen shots of the Virtual Menu in action. The figure on the left is the top half of their menu and the second picture is what happens when the mouse is placed over an item. (The Gyro Sandwich to be specific).

(Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge)
Simon Sez Virtual Memory

This is a picture of the top half of the Virtual Menu.

Simon Sez Virtual Memory

This is how the program reacts when the curser is held over a menu item.

        We currently have 2 versions available. The one pictured above will resize a picture when the mouse is placed over an item and another which allows the user to click on each image to enlarge, similar to a website. They can be designed for use on a touch screen monitor or a tablet.

Check back real soon for more information!