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Here are a few options available to customize your website

Let customer send a Text Message without giving your phone number

        Introducing our new Text Support feature that allows customers to send a text message directly to your phone or email from a phone or home computer. Best of all, the customers would not know your phone number unless you reply from your phone. They simply click on the button, fill out the form, then click submit. It requires the user to enter a security code to help stop 'bots' from texting you. It's the fastest way for your customers to get a hold of you if they have any urgent questions or require immediate assistance. Click to enlarge.

Text Support          Text Support Form

Slideshows are a great way to display several images

        Adding a Slideshow is a great way to give your website a unique look. You can set how long each picture is displayed before it's replaced with the next one. You can also select options, such as setting each picture to fade in & out.

Content that changes Daily, such as a 'Daily Special'

        The Hunley's Bar website used to include a program that changes their daily special automatically. Notice the image in the top right corner and what it looks like on a Friday, Wednesday & Thursday respectively. Click on a picture to enlarge.

Friday Special Wednesday Special Thursday Special

Host Music on your website which can be played and even downloaded

        The Blog Website for the bands Nothin' Special, Something Special and Changes allows the users to listen to their music as well as download specific tracks. The option can also be used to showcase previews of your music in the event you want to sell tracks from your website. Click on the image to visit their website and see how this can be a very useful option.

NSS Changes Music

Enable customer to send documents utilizing a FTP Button

        Docu-Tech has a feature that allows their customers to upload their files directly to Docu-Tech 24 hours a day. This helps speed up the process by saving customers the trip to Docu-Tech as well as avoid delays from mailing their projects. Customers just have to click on the 'FTP' button and submit their information. Click on a picture to enlarge.

Docutech FTP Upload

A Pop-Up box can give your customers additional information

        This is a small Javascript Box that can be used for a wide variety of things, such as displaying a special item or service you provide, opening a chat interface or have veiwers sign up or register for a promotion or give away. It does not interfere with most Pop Up Blockers and customers can choose to close the box and continue to view your page without any distractions. Click on a picture to enlarge.

Pop-Up Example   Without Pop-Up  With the Pop-Up